Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Former Islamic Imam Warns Urges Muslims to Convert to avoid Hell Fire

convert from muslim to christian
While I was working in a muslim mosque as an imam, as a parish priest, I preach in my parish that Jesus Christ is not God, for me, God was only Allah, and I believed Allah never got married, so no sons for Allah. So I preached there that Jesus is not God. 
Then somebody ask me, who is Jesus?’’ from the crowd. 
Maybe a muslim, but he asked me, who is Jesus?’’ I was preaching he is not God, but the question is who is he? To know who is Jesus? I read the entire Koran once again: 114 chapters, 6666 in the Koran when I read it, the name of prophet Muhammad.
Read more at http://www.thechristianmail.com/ex-muslim-priest-urges-muslims-to-convert-to-avoid-hell-fire/

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