Tuesday, December 23, 2014

U.S Hack North Korea , Shut Down Internet Connections

kim jong of north korea
If you've been following the Sony, North Korea and the US government saga then you should know what this is about. But let me give a brief summary because I'm about to board a flight.

Sony Pictures released a movie called The Interview, a comedy about a fictional assassination of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.. North Korean didn't find it funny and hacked into Sony's computers, rendering thousands of computers inoperable and forced Sony to take its entire computer network offline. That wasn't enough, they then threatened terror attack on US citizens if Sony doesn't cancel showing the movie, forcing Sony to pull the interview from theaters and losing almost $200m. Then the US govt got involved and told Sony to go ahead and release the movie, that they don't take lightly to threats and promised to retaliate for the attack on Sony. It looks like they've kept their to promise. North Korea is currently offline. Lol

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