Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bishop T.D Jakes Reflections on Baltimore

Reflections on Baltimore
“Mourn with those who Mourn.” Romans 12:15
As the family of Freddie Gray bids farewell to a son gone far too soon, this is a time of reflective mourning with those mothers and fathers that have buried their prodigy for reasons that are incongruent with a civilized society.
Having just ministered to the multitudes in Baltimore, it grieves my heart to witness this historic municipality torn to pieces by its own citizens in response to its collective rage.
While the indignation is understandable, the response is untenable.
This is not the time to render destruction of our city’s edifices.
It is the time to question a system that allows a young man to die at the hands of officers without account for their actions.
How many times must we proclaim that our children ought not to be killed like prey on our streets?
Those that are sworn to ‘protect and serve’ have failed our communities on both counts.
We need answers and accountability, not civil unrest.
We need to bring an end to the willful destruction of young lives that is decimating our families, our neighborhoods and by extension our nation.
Let us stand down from replicating the kind of senseless violence that robbed the life of Freddie Gray.
This is a time for solemnity so that this bereaved mother and father may bury their child in peace.
It is the time to mourn with those who mourn.

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