Thursday, April 30, 2015

Natural ways to fight depression and anxiety : 5 Things Christians Need to Know about it

Years ago, I stared into the empty eyes of my mom—a woman who had never stopped praying for her four wayward sons—and saw no recognition, no love, no anything. Mental illness temporarily took her life from her and made her forget she had a youngest child. To her, I was a lie.
So, you could say that when it comes to Christians dealing with the ravages of mental disorders, I have a vested interest. Depression, bipolar episodes, and anxiety attacks have dogged my family for generations—even those who followed Jesus. It’s ugly. It’s painful. But often, it’s the issue we just don’t want to discuss.
In a trending article on the RELEVANT magazine website, Brandon W. Peach hopes to change that. He realizes that this elephant hiding in the closet won’t be addressed by a single article, but there are five things this depression sufferer wants Christians to know:
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