Monday, May 4, 2015

Archbishop duncan williams ministries - The power of the blood of jesus christ

In the old-testament, The Ark of the Covenant
contained three things, the gold jar of manna,
the staff of Aaron and the tablets of stone upon
which the Ten Commandments were written.
The ark was made of wood and overlaid with
gold. Above it, two golden cherubim looked
down. All of these represented things. The stone
tablets show that man has broken the laws of
God, the rod, that we reject Gods leadership and
the manna, His provision.
The angels look down to see that man is a total
failure in God's sight. But on top of the Ark is a lid
called the mercy seat. Once a year a perfect lamb
was selected and its blood was taken by the High
Priest into the Holy of Holies and sprinkled on
the mercy seat. Now as the cherubim look down,
they see that man is covered by the BLOOD.
As we come by faith to the cross of Christ, this
precious uncontaminated blood, which flowed
freely from the Savior's body is what not only
covers us but also cleanses us from all sin. There
is power in the Blood of the Lamb and we must
always claim protection of the Blood of Jesus
Christ and use it to keep us washed and clean.
Let us ask God to cleanse us of anything of
disallowing us from having fellowship with him.
And let the Blood of Jesus speak on our behalf
Invoke and deploy the blood against every
charge and accusation the enemy has levelled against you.
Further Reading: Hebrews 9:19-22, 1John1:5-7,
Revelations 1:5-6
PRAYER: I invoke the blood of Jesus against
every charge and accusation that the enemy has
levelled against me.
By the blood of Jesus, I cancel every record of sin
and iniquity that has given the enemy access to
my life.
I renounce every demonic and satanic covenant
I have entered into, knowingly or unknowingly
and even any covenant entered into on my
behalf by reason of my bloodline - I cancel that
covenant by the blood of Jesus.

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