Friday, May 22, 2015

Boys in skirts and dresses : Girls Scouts of America Now Accepts Boys in Skirts

Boys in skirts pictures

Girl Scouts of America, once committed to “building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place,” has changed its definition of “girl” to include people of both genders. A recent blog post on the Girl Scouts site sums up the policy:
“If a girl is recognized by her family, school and community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.” The post was written by Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, identified on the site as a “chief girl expert.” The policy has some parents, Girl Scouts and conservative critics up in arms.
The American Family Association has launched a petition calling for Girl Scouts of America to rescind the policy, claiming that Girl Scouts has lost its moral compass. Says Penny Nancy, president of Concerned Women for America, “They’re no longer Girl Scouts, they’re just Scouts. That’s fine if they want to rebrand. But it raises all kinds of complications and questions for parents, volunteer parents who are involved.” It raises questions for everyone, especially real girls in Girl Scouts.

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