Friday, May 22, 2015

Does god have a gender - Is God male or female?

From KCM Europe 
Is God male or female?
Both, actually. That may be a new thought, but it comes from Creation scriptures. According to Genesis 1:26-27, God created man in His image—male and female. God could not create something “in His image” that He didn’t possess. The substance for both male and female came out of God, and we know God never changes (Malachi 3:6).
In Genesis 2:7 this process of Creation is explained in greater detail. God formed or molded Adam’s body from the dust of the earth. Adam’s eternal inner man, consisting of his soul and spirit, was created when God breathed His life force into Adam’s nostrils. Adam became a living soul from the substance which came out of God. When God made Adam, Adam was both male and female.
God saw that His work was not complete in that Adam, being alone, could not reproduce after his own kind (Genesis 2:18, 21-22). He removed a rib from Adam and fashioned Eve’s body from it. Then he separated the female part from Adam and deposited it in Eve. God made Adam a helper—a counterpart—suitable for him intellectually, morally and physically. Since that time, it takes the union of the male and female to become complete and produce new life.
We also encourage you to pray and meditate in the Word concerning this truth, and let the Holy Spirit bring even greater revelation to you.

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