Saturday, May 2, 2015

East bay foursquare : Glenn Burris - its not over til its over

The miracles, the crowds, the washing of feet, the Passover meal...could only build the confidence and courage that they were going in the right direction. Then the betrayal and arrest, the accusations and the trial, the beating and the crucifixion, what could all of this now mean? Had they missed it? Has they put their faith in the wrong person? It's amazing how our circumstances play such a significant role in how we interpret life and it's direction. 

We end up on an emotional roller coaster, instead of grounding ourselves in the unshakeable reality that God is never out of the equation, that circumstances can go from bad to good (the Resurrection) as quickly as they can go from good to bad, and that God's plans and purposes will ultimately prevail. What you may have assumed is a final answer, is actually an intersection. Which road will you take? Will you be guided by the unseen hand of a faithful, powerful and sovereign God or will you be misguided by ever changing circumstances? Don't allow the threats of your current realities to untether you from the only dependable and reliable source in the universe, God, himself!

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