Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Higher Fitness with Marty Copeland - Activate His power

What's your motive? Having the right motive is where I missed it for so many years. Yes, I wanted to be free from the bondage of obsessing about my weight, but I didn’t know God’s will for me in losing weight. I didn’t know that presenting our body to God included submitting our eating and exercise habits to Him.

Not only was I not consistently seeking God’s wisdom and submitting my diet to Him, but I was trying every new and latest diet known to man, literally abusing my body. And then there was my motive for weight loss. 

My primary focus in life was becoming a certain size. There is no question that a strong healthy body looks good, and there is nothing wrong with being a certain size, but my motive should have been and should always be to attain health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not be focused on vanity. Our goals should line up with His in order to access His spiritual blessings. It is what we decide to do with our minds and bodies, and having the right motive, that determines whether or not we activate His power.

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