Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to get healthy skin naturally - How can i remove dark circles naturally

By Karen Azeez
It seems like every magazine features the new cream, lotion or serum that’s touted to be the next “superstar for healthy skin.”  Women will throw down a week’s wages for the promise of banishing fine lines and wrinkles – and are often sadly disappointed.
But in reality, true beauty comes from within. How we live our lives and what we eat can have enormous effects on our outward appearances. By ditching a couple of nasty habits and adding in some healthier ones, you can watch your skin clear, leaving a glowing, smoother complexion and even reverse signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.
But first, it’s important to understand WHY our skin ages like it does, which I am going to explain to you here.
Skin Care 101: Where Did These Wrinkles Come From?
As we age, collagen and elastin - the substances that keep skin firm and elastic - gradually decrease. Without this underlying structure, skin sags, creases form and wrinkles begin to show. How quickly your skin shows signs of aging is largely determined by genetics, but the process accelerates as a result of oxidation - a chemical process during which unstable molecules called free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells. On the skin, oxidative stress can appear as wrinkling, thickening, discoloration and decreased elasticity.
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