Friday, May 1, 2015

Minnesota islamic center , Muslim orgs complain about anti-terror program

Have you ever — ever! — seen Muslim organizations anywhere in the U.S. express their unreserved support for any anti-terror program? Instead, again and again we get this complaining that such programs stigmatize and discriminate against them. One might almost get the impression that Hamas-linked CAIR and the other Muslim groups involved here don’t want anti-terror programs to succeed. Surely that couldn’t be so, now, could it?
“Minnesota mosques, Muslim orgs raise concerns with anti-terror recruitment pilot,” by Mike Durkin, KSMP, May 1, 2015:
Nearly 50 mosques, Muslim organizations and student groups have signed a statement that highlights concerns with a federal pilot program to combat radicalization and terror recruitment in Minnesota.
“While we support the right of all Americans to live in democratic communities free of violence, we cannot in good conscience condone or help refine programs that are fundamentally discriminatory and are likely to further subject our community members to additional civil rights abuses,” said the statement released by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The statement lists 44 Muslim organizations as undersigned supporters, as well as the National Lawyers Guild.
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