Friday, May 1, 2015

Pastor David Young sentenced for sexual conduct with minor

JACKSON— A former pastor of a Jackson-area church has had his 15-year confinement in prison extended an additional two years for sexual battery.
According to Prosecuting Attorney Justin Lovett, David Young, previously associated with Linwood Drive in Rio Grande, had served as a pastor of a Jackson-area church when he made contact with a minor victim of his congregation. Between April and June of 2007, Young engaged in sexual conduct with the victim. However, authorities did not learn of the crime until many years later in 2012.
Lovett went on to say that authorities with the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office were actively investigating Young for suspected unlawful sexual conduct with a minor as part of separate incidents in Gallia County when they learned of the additional victim in Jackson County. At the request of the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation initiated an investigation into the Jackson County incident.
While the Jackson County case was being completed, Lovett said that Young was charged and eventually pled to fifteen counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, each a felony of the third degree, in Gallia County. For these convictions, Young was sentenced to one year in prison on each of the 15 counts, resulting in a total stated prison term of 15 years for the Gallia County offenses.

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