Friday, May 1, 2015

The seal that killed osama bin laden " Rob O’Neill " Meets 9/11 Families at Memorial Museum

SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Meets 9/11 Families at Memorial Museum.

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, the man who killed Usama bin Laden, visited families of 9/11 victims at the National September 11 Memorial Museum.
"I feel a little bit safer because of you and the work your men do and the women," Monica Iken Murphy told O'Neill. She lost her husband in the deadly terrorist attack.
O'Neill shared with her and a few other victims' family members that he didn't have a moment of hesitation when he killed bin Laden four years ago. 
"The assumption of risk is worth it again, because we are healing as a nation still," O'Neill said. "It's bigger than me, and it's bigger than the team."
He remarked that the fight against terrorism is not over yet and that the National September 11 Memorial Museum "is a constant reminder that the entire nation needs to have."
"This is by no means a happy place," O'Neill stated. "This brings you back to probably the most important day in American history."

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