Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unity Fellowship Church - Pastor Mukhuba Word for Today

When Jesus Christ was moving around preaching the Good News of the kingdom, healing the sick and delivering the bonded, the Pharisees were not happy about it. After the deliverance of a blind and dumb man (Matthew 12), they accused him of using the spirit of Beelzebub, the prince of demons. He was doing what was beyond their human comprehension and they labelled the works of The Holy Spirit as the works of the devil.

Child of God know that a student is not above his teacher, the same way they called your Lord names when He was busy doing good, is the same way they will call you names today. They will accuse you of witchcraft, murder and all sorts of things just because they cannot understand the way God is blessing and accelerating your life. They will accuse you falsely but do not lose heart. You shall always be vindicated. It is just that the VISA the Lord has granted you is taking you very far. Some know the family you come from and they can't just understand why you are prospering this much. Some know your past and they cannot just reconcile your past with what God is doing now in your present life. Some know your parents and they can't understand how a carpenter's son can be this prominent and powerful today. Know that God loves you and continue to fly high like an eagle.

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