Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What makes you skinny fast : Exercise Or Sleep?

You know that getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise are both essential for good health. But when you’re short on time or are feeling tired, is it still worth waking up extra early so you can squeeze in a workout?
You’re probably hoping the answer is "no." After all, who wouldn’t want permission to stay in bed for an extra hour, especially on those awful mornings when it’s freezing cold, pouring rain, or just sort of dark and depressing?
The answer isn’t so clear cut, though. Quality sleep and regular exercise (along with eating right) both help keep your body functioning at its best. In fact, they feed off of each other, meaning that regularly skimping on one in favor of the other isn’t the best idea.
So what’s a sleep-deprived fitness fanatic to do, then? Read on to find out.

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