Monday, June 1, 2015

INSA Private Islamic High School boys school soccer team “felt uncomfortable” playing against girls

A MUSLIM boys school refused to play soccer against a team while it had two girls in it, forcing the female players to the sidelines so the match could continue.
The match, in Caledon, Canada, almost stopped at half-time when boys from the INSA Private Islamic High School took issue with the fact their opposing team from Robert F Hall Catholic School had female players, Metro reported.
Carla Briscoe and another girl only played in the team because there wasn’t a girls team in the grade. In a recent match when they were ahead 3-1, the boys school team told the referee at half-time some of them felt uncomfortable playing against females and would have to forfeit the game.
But Carla and the other girl — knowing their team needed a certain amount of goals to progress in the tournament, and not wanting to let their team mates down — agreed to stand aside so the game could continue.
“I was upset, I just didn’t feel like I had finally made the progress to be on the team,’ Carla told City News.

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