Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cornell astronomers think signals from earth may contact aliens

Do secular news outlets mock astronomers saying aliens will contact us in 1,500 years? But creationists get mocked often. Secularists mock at Christians for proclaiming truth of Creator God but often applaud Cornell astronomers looking for non-existent aliens.
Cornell astronomers think signals from earth may contact aliens --meanwhile millions from earth contact God each day as He hears their prayers. And Cornell Astronomers say aliens will take another 1,500 years to contact us -- they need to listen instead to God who contacts us through His Son and His Word.
Secularists admit there's no evidence for aliens, but will waste $100 million looking for them anyway -- I say read the Bible, freely available on the web, and learn the truth. Cornell astronomers don't need to look for intelligent life in outer space -- they need to look at God's Word for the truth of their origins.
Secularists put their faith and trust in naturalism and non-existent aliens -- it's their religion to justify to themselves their rejection of God. They would put trust in aliens they've never seen or heard, but reject God who gave us His Word and His Son and created all things.

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