Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pastor George Pearsons Quotes: Money vs Vision

"Money is no object where vision is in place. God is right on time! I see visual. I am a visionary! 50,000 seat auditorium.I see a Prosperity Center with multiple voices going out.

We started with Believers Voice of Victory. MORE needs to go out! I see a Bible school on campus. Citation 10 Plus! The Lord has stirred that back up. He said to press that back in.

Looking at international aircraft that can take TEAMS. The prophet put a challenge out to believe God for the budget for the year long assignments and vision we have.

I am not carrying this by myself. I want a team with faith agreement and NOTHING is impossible! Time is passed where we do one project at a time.

I believe multiple concurrent projects can take place. I believe it can be done. Are you ready to take the vision?! I am. I have my faith back in gear." 
-- Pastor George Pearsons

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