Monday, June 20, 2016


SOMETHING IS FISHY: It was said that there may have been more then one person involved with the Orlando shooter at the night club, as some survivors said one man was trying to block exits to prevent people from getting out. 

These persons, I received this information from, wish to remain anonymous, but said there is a hospital in Orlando treating two men who are believed to have assisted the gunman in the club, making it possible 3 people were actually involved. 

The audio of the 911 calls are being released; however, the Obama administration has heavily edited them to remove any words using "Islam or Islamic" from them (even though the gunman said he was doing this for ISIS). 

Also, Obama has and will permit 1 million foreign Muslim refugees to enter the U.S. attempting to relocate them in areas where there are strong conservative Christian beliefs, while he has willfully ignored the plight of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. This begs the question, why is he so protective in every way of Muslims, and not as protective of Christians, as many Christians in Syria have been slain, beheaded and forced from their homes? I believe I know the reason and years ago when I wrote Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, that was released in 2009, I revealed that a key to his actions was linked to his person "seal" (the 0 emblem with the sun rising). 

My early research has come full circle and now many who mocked my research are coming back and saying, "You hit it on the head." I feel pity for any religious or ethnic group being persecuted, however in this case one side is being favored and the other is being ignored. Pray for the persecuted people in the world. (For information that I will not post on social-media, call our office for the Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue book). Some posts are being removed if they report to much inside information, (VOE office number is: (423-478-3456).

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