Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Grow Your Money by Robert Kiyosaki

I Have Never Met A *RICH Person* Who Has Never *lost Money* But I Have Met A Lot Of *POOR People* Who Has Never *Lost A Dime* -Robert Kiyosaki

The *Primary Difference* Between The *RICH* & The *POOR* Is How They *Handle FEAR* in Investment -Robert Kiyosaki-

Have Positive mindset about investment. You can *NEVER* be Rich if you are too *SCARED* of losing Money

*SALARY* alone can not solve your money problems. You need a Secondary Source of income to balance

*SALARY* is the *MEDICINE* for managing *POVERTY*, it doesn't *CURE* it. Only your *BUSINESS* or *INVESTMENT* Cures Poverty

Be FINANCIALLY Intelligent.

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