Friday, December 2, 2016

Spiritual Warfare: Why nothing works for you and your family members

By Evangelist John Okoronkwo .

In some families no body prosper without soiling  their hands with evil , in some families nothing works for anybody. Look at your family history and be sincere to your self , if the above statement applies to your family then you have war in your hand , and as a born again christian if you don't deal with this you end up like everybody else.

1. Understand that satan holds people or families hostage through demonic altars ( native doctors altars) in most cases

2. The devil does this also  by using men to rear a demonic sacrifice against a person or family lineage.

3. Through domic utterances such as word or call it spell invoked on a family or an individual.

4. Through generational agreement or contract made with the devil in most cases by your ancestors.

Your way out.

1. Understand the meaning of redemption and what it mean to you as a born again christian Colossians 1:13.

2. Invoke the blood of Jesus against this forces consistently by saying " I and my families are discharged and acquitted from all spell, enchantments and from every family covenant  by the blood of Jesus " Rev 12:11.

3. Posses a fighters spirit , go against every spirit of weariness and weaknesses using the name of Jesus. , overcome the spirit of distraction using the instrument of the name of Jesus so you can focus on your everyday spiritual assignments. Isaiah 42:1-4.

5. Live by the Word of God , your spiritman is your defence against demonic forces  , inside your spiritman is the light that overcomes every powers of darkness. You must study the word constantly and listen to men and women of God who has deep knowledge and experience in spiritual warfare to know the spiritual protocols and spiritual rules of engagement.  John 1: 1-5 , Psalm 119:130, Luke 4:4.

From my little experience I can tell you that no christian can overcome or advance in life without being an addict of the word, and this little instructions is born out that lifestyle of living in his word as a way of life.

The choice is yours , if you succeed and become a success in life blame it on yourself ; but if you fail and become a failure in life blame it also on yourself.

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