Monday, December 12, 2016

What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for Silicon Valley

Trump Plans Technology Conference With Silicon Valley Executives
The president-elect will meet with tech chief executives next week. Meantime, the C.E.O. of Carrier’s parent company says the saved jobs in Indiana are likely to fall to automation.

Starting now, besides all the scoops-as-usual, I will write a regular weekly column that I hope will both annoy and delight, sometimes at the same time. I used to do a column in the WSJ called Boomtown, but this has no name and will be different because I am older and grumpier. It will pull from my daily travels across the tech landscape, from whatever news is happening, from cool ideas from my Recode Decode podcasts and onstage interviews at Code events and from crazy stories from one of my myriad of sources. There is an expression I like that goes: You are seeing what you believe, not believing what you see. Trust me when I tell you I will let you see into the complex heart of tech.
Here is my first in which I tsk-tsk Silicon Valley on meeting with Trump in silence.

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